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Chris Stegall - 720-971-1630 - Chris@BioTreeCO.com
I owned and operated Mr. Wizards Landscaping in Colorado from 1997 to 2012 and have had a lifelong interest in the growth and maintenance of plants, trees, and grass.

Around 1980, while living in California, I noticed an 'ocean smelling' product that was being used on plants (even though we were 200 miles from the ocean at that time) and became very interested in how this kelp product enhanced plant growth.

That casual inquiry developed into years of enthusiastic experimentation on everything from houseplants to fruit trees to golf courses. I had amazing results on all flowering fruit and vegetable plants as well as lawns and all types of ornamental and shade trees. After confirming the extraordinary results that can be achieved with the use of the kelp extract, I marketed it to large commercial growers of fruits, vegetables, and nuts as well as many professional golf courses.

Over the years, I have tested every product I could find that makes claims of being "organic", "kelp based", or "miracle growing", as well as many petro-chemical based fertilizers. Today, I echo the words of one of my clients:

"This product you tell me is not 'fertilizer' sure makes things grow!"
Of all the products I have tested, I have never found any as beneficial as our kelp product, and I have found some other products to actually be harmful. In many years of operating my landscaping and tree care businesses, I have used only this kelp extract to "feed" plants, trees, grasses and soil with amazing results, and I use it exclusively at my own home. I like the idea of using a completely safe and environmentally friendly product on my vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and on the lawns where my grandsons and pets play.

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