Don't Take Our Word for It!

"highly significant for improved water percolation ... stimulates soil bacterial growth, translating into better available nutrient and water management" --Monarch Laboratories

"open plugged emitters - saved squash from destruction due to lack of water - crops perked up", "better than anything else we have tried", "we have no need for petro-chemical fertilizers or pesticides - faster growth" --California vegetable growers

"eliminated: thatch layer, hydrocarbon layer, dry spots on greens. Eliminated need to aerate, top dress, spike and verticut. Reduced watering 25%, tripled depths of roots." --Royal Scott Country Club

"harvested earlier, foliage extra heavy, darker green larger leaves, leaves on trees six weeks earlier than untreated acreage" --McCormick's Fruit Tree Company

Comments from Our Customers

"I just used a spray bottle on stream with Kelp product at 10-1 or so, and blew them off the rose bush leaves anywhere I saw them, just for a couple weeks. They never came back, but my roses did (after a hard winter)." --A customer in reference to his battle with rose aphids

"The Kelp treatment is great. The trees will love it. Ours did. Watch out when you spray it on bushes, though. I've had to prune drastically against the overenthusiastic growth spurts, even this year when I didn't use any. And Chris knows his stuff. We recommend him highly." --Kira

"Hi Chris, Just thought I would send you a picture of how beautiful our grass looks :-) Best regards, Howard and Gina"

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