Your trees are a big investment! Protect them with our organic nutrient applications and systemic insect control. We also offer acute care for existing fungus, mineral deficiencies and above ground infestations.

Kelp Tea
Our liquid kelp product is:

We use a foliar and root based applications for maximum absorption and processing of nutrients and minerals. For greener, healthier trees that are more resistant to the effects of heat, fungus and insect infestation, we have found nothing better than the kelp product we use. Our product has a track record of over 50 years in both agricultural and ornamental environments.

Systemic Applications
With just one spring treatment, our systemic insect control will protect your trees for a full growing season and will provide defense against most infestations.
Hungry trees such as Maples benefit greatly from our 3x/year nutrient and mineral injections

Foliar Applications
Is there a fungus among us? Get your tree treated with an anti-fungal spray for acute care. Maintain healthy nutrient balance and beautiful summer foliage with our kelp tea spray.

Boring Insect Damage

Leaf Roller

Tip Blight

Ground Injected Systemic

Needle Cast

Spruce Gall

Price Guide

Systemic Applications Trees over 10' $35/tree
Trees under 10' $25/tree
Foliar Applications Trees over 10' $25/tree
Trees under 10' $15/tree
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